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Our planning/ discovery process is led by your ministry objectives and church vision.  We will have many conversations with your leadership and ministry departments and participate in a full study to share with your church.  Our church architects will then provide cutting edge ideas and designs using their extensive knowledge of the latest in church architecture and cost efficient construction.  This will lead to renderings and visuals to aid the whole church in “seeing” the possibilities.  Your church design becomes a collaborative effort between your leadership, our architects, church consultants, and construction teams.

We are a full service Architectural and Engineering firm with an additional expertise in Church Design.  We have participated in over 1200 churches in 36 States in 40+ years.  We work with many different kinds of Church Traditions from Roman Catholic to Pentecostal.  Our most recent portfolio (5 years) includes Baptist, Reformed, Christian Reformed, Evangelical Interdenominational, Lutheran, Anglican, Wesleyan, Charismatic and Pentecostal.

 In our worship space designs, we listen to the client to design what is in sync with their ministry. Creating warm and welcoming environments is key to worship

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We provide a design that understands the uniqueness of the Church and it’s ministries along with its present needs and future desires.  Each design is  performed within the context of a Master Plan and is ultimately reflective of the Vision and Mission of the Church.

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We take a team approach with the Church and all the professionals needed to complete a successful project. Good communication and regular meetings from beginning to dedication are part of our .  We often are called upon to make progress presentations to the whole congregation to bring a sense of unity and reinforce the “why’s” of the project.

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We keep projects rooted in an achievable financial budget.  This often means designing with Phases in mind and regular budget checks during the design process.

To honor God in all that we do to assist churches and other ministry-related organizations in developing Ministry-Driven Designs.

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